Friday, December 14, 2007

A little late..

I have been soo busy lately I haven't had much time to post, so to catch up..

December 1st and 2nd I had an art show at the ArtCraft building downtown (thanks to Mark!!). It went really well for me- we were really busy all day. I only got a couple minutes at the beginning and ends of the show days to wander around and see the other fantastic artwork on display there.

Today (and hopefully tomorrow) I spent about four hours wandering around the big dog show that Cleveland holds this weekend at the I-X Center. I took a lot of wonderful dog pictures thanks to all the owners and handlers that took time to talk with me and pose their dogs for me, so I will hopefully be coming out with some great new papercuttings in the next couple months. Some of them were of dog breeds I didn't have in my inventory already, which is even better. I plan on starting in on the smooth-coated Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher, and Pyrenean Shepherd as soon as I finish off my Christmas commissions...