Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pearwood flowers- pin and pendant

I have been working two pearwood pieces that I would like to make into jewelry- a flower with 2 leaves for a pendant and a flower with 4 leaves for a pin. Pearwood is ideal for small detailed pieces like these since it is a neat pinky-brown color, a bit harder than the basswood or butternut that I usually use, and has minimal visible grain. I am working with some old pearwood pen blanks that I have had for years- I can't seem to find this species of pearwood for carving any more, so once these are gone that will be it.

Here are pics of the two pieces in progress. The pendant is almost done- just needs some sanding and for me to figure out how to attach the ring.. :) The pin needs a bit more carving on the leaves, and sanding on the whole.

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