Sunday, March 14, 2010

Golden Fields

Finished drawing a pattern for another large single-edition piece of a deer (black-tailed?) in a meadow with flowers, golden grass, and an old weathered fence. I took the inspiration photo for this one the last time I was in California visiting family. This one was also from the Point Reyes area. Some beautiful scenery up there!

Now I have a bunch of larger pieces in the works- need to settle down and actually finish cutting some of them instead of drawing up more! I keep telling myself I have till June (first show of the year), but I know how time tends to run away from me so I need to get moving on it. And I still am not finished cutting my tiger "Bathing Beauty" piece yet! AND I am trying to freshen up my old inventory by adding detail and rebacking/rematting some of my older, less detailed pieces. Whew! Wish this was my full-time job just so I would have more hours in the day to get everything done! :)

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