Friday, July 16, 2010

Goals checklist

So, referring back to my 'Goals' post about a month ago...

1.) large cottonwood piece- DONE!!!

2.) Point Reyes silhouette- not even close- barely touched it.. :(

3.) Contemplation and Stargazer- both cut and I know what frames I want. Need to order frames, then decide color schemes so I can paint backs and pick mats, then put the whole thing together.

4.) Recuts of pieces sold at last show- 4/5 done! Only the Border Terrier left to go..

5.) New stylized tree- haven't even started.

6.) Booth setup for photos- we really haven't had a decent weather day, so still waiting. This can wait till after my Toledo show with no problems if necessary.

7.) Banner and car-magnets design- I have found people on Etsy for both, I just need to decide if I actually want the white background or the black background logos..

So doing OK, but I need to keep pushing! One more month till my last outdoor show of the year (probably)!!

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