Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Etsy listings and an Uh-oh...

I am about 2/3 done with getting my original non-dog 8x10 matted papercuttings up on Etsy. And I have photographs taken and ready to go on over half of my original dog 8x10 matted papercuttings as well. 230 plus pieces up on Etsy and counting-hoping to get at least another 30-50 pieces up this weekend, including more woodcarvings! 8-10 years of work, right there! ;)

And on the oops side, I just got put on some medication (all fingers crossed that it is only a temporary thing) that means I really shouldn't be doing any woodcarving and probably shouldn't be papercutting either right now (since I am gifted at wounding myself any time I am around anything sharp). So for the next couple weeks to a month I will be concentrating on getting more of my work listed up for sale on Etsy, and drawing up more commissioned pieces and working on patterns and ideas rather than finishing work. By then I will probably get bored and have to start papercutting again.. VERY carefully! :)

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