Friday, June 27, 2008

Family members

I completed two more puppy patterns- a pug and a Bernese Mountain Dog. The pug is modeled off of my puggy nephew Stewie (who inspires most of my pug work- we think he has such a beautiful typical little puggy face, and everyone seems to agree since I keep selling out of his patterns.. :) ). And three guesses as to who the model for the BMD puppy was!! :D He is a bit older now and looks less shapeless and fluffy than this picture, but the picture was such a good one I wanted to use it anyway. He has such a serious expression on his little fuzzy face!! I am planning on using one cut of this pattern as my display sample, next to its photograph with a sign advertising my custom work, since a lot of people seem to be missing my existing custom work signs. We will see if everyone else thinks he is as cute as I do!!

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