Saturday, September 6, 2008

Columbus Zoo trip

Today we took a road trip to the Columbus zoo. I had never been there before, so there were a bunch of animals I was looking forward to trying to get pictures of. The day started off really rainy while we were driving down, but it let up around noon so we managed to actually wander the whole zoo in one day- even with my crazy picture-taking habits. I was very impressed- the animal habitats in general seemed to be much more spacious and 'natural' than a lot of the old ones at Cleveland. Though to be fair, Cleveland is upgrading their habitats as they can, and I don't think they have nearly as much space as Columbus does. Maybe Cleveland is an older zoo and the city and neighborhoods just grew up around it?

I ended up with some decent pictures that you will probably be seeing in new patterns on my website and here over the next couple months. I managed to get some decent wolf pictures. And a big bull moose. I took lots of pics of the manatees, but with the water and the tank glass in the way I don't think any of them will be clear enough for me to actually get enough details to use as models- really disappointed about that. :( I got some nice Humboldt penguin shots too. I tried to concentrate most on the animals we don't have locally in our zoo...

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