Monday, October 13, 2008

Crocker Park art show

I got so lucky this weekend- the weather was PERFECT for the show!! Sunny, warm, with a little bit of a breeze so it didn't get too warm. I also love the Crocker Park area for show because it is well lit, nicely set up, and of course there are always tons of dogs wandering around too.

I got to meet a lot of great people, and my work seemed to find an appreciative audience. Thanks to all my customers, and to all the folks who stopped by to look at my work!

I was really kicking myself for not bringing my camera along- first of all because I have no pictures of my new setup in practical action, and secondly because I kept seeing dogs I wanted to photograph!! I met a Havanese there, and two little Coton de Tulear- a breed I had heard of but had never met. They were adorable, soft and fluffy, and incredibly friendly. There owners were also very tolerant of me swooping down on their dogs and asking lots of questions.. :) I also got Cavi love and kisses from two really cute little Cavaliers. Lots of other puppies too- too many to mention..

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