Friday, November 7, 2008

Busy couple days- Newfoundland, Australian Cattle Dog, and Wolf patterns

I have been working on replacing some of my couple-year old dog-breed patterns since my current work is a LOT more complex and a lot better (at least I think so! :D )

Replacement Newfie pattern. I saw this guy? girl? at the Medina dog show. Beautiful chocolate brown.. S/he was lying there with a drool towel draped around his/her neck while his people watched the Working group compete. I didn't put the drool towel in the cutting though.. :)

Also a replacement Australian cattle dog. I have had this photo for a while, I think I took it at the 2007 Chagrin Polo Field show, but I am not positive?

And got a pattern done for the beautiful red wolf that I saw on the trip to the Columbus zoo:

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