Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tent decisions

At the end of my last outdoor art show of the year, ANOTHER of my tent cross-braces snapped as I was folding the tent up to pack it away. So I figured I would just have to replace it with a 'real' artist tent for next year's outdoor season. Unfortunately, my financial situation changed enough so that spending $1000 on a Lightdome tent just isn't going to be possible in that time frame unless I find it used and much cheaper. And Lightdome has a sale going on now too that would have been perfect- it is just killing me! :)

I started trying to think of alternatives, then on EZup's website I found you can buy replacement parts for your tent. So I went to the page for the Embassy II and sure enough, those cross-braces were available. For a reasonable price too! So I picked two up and will be trying my hand at tent repair once I get them. Just to tide me over for a little until I can afford a good tent..

A funny side-note- the EZup page for the Embassy's spare parts had a blurb saying that due to high demand many of these parts are back-ordered so it may take a while. Gee, I wonder why? I had TWO cross-beams snap on me in first year of owning the thing- I am amazed ANYBODY buys them anymore!! Another case of you get what you pay for I guess.. but even so, for a couple hundred dollars I would expect to be able to get more than 2 uses out of it before it starts breaking.. Ah well, I will know better than to buy from them next time.

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