Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bullmastiff, Bouvier, and Aussie patterns

Well, this is the last day of my holiday time off, so the pattern production will slow down quite a bit once I am back at work. But I did get a lot done over my vacation this year!! Now I just need to buckle down and cut one cutting on each of the new patterns I made- hopefully I can get that done before my show season starts in April or May...

I wanted to replace an older pattern for the Australian shepherd. My model here was from one of the years at the Crown Classic, and was a beautiful blue merle with blue eyes:

My Bouvier des Flandres pattern was also older, and I got a couple great Bouvier pics at the Crown Classic last month. One of the Bouviers was in the meet the breeds ring and seemed to absolutely LOVE being scratched behind the ears, so I got some good petting in before I snapped his picture.

The Bullmastiff was also replacing an older pattern. I ended up using an older photo as my model for this one- also Crown Classic dog show, but from 3 or 4 years ago.

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