Thursday, June 10, 2010

Loaded up and ready!!

I finally broke down and got a new car last December, since my old Rav was at and beyond comfortable capacity when loaded up with my full display and inventory (including tent and sandbags). I ended up getting a Honda Element since it seems to be the only small-to-midsized SUV on the market anymore where the back seats can actually be removed. And I really, REALLY need all the space possible.. plus it had the largest cargo capacity of anything in its size and price range. I also bought a couple more Propanels in Feb or March since I had been getting by with a 'partial' display of 7 panels, and I wanted the full 10 for complete booth coverage and more stability.

My first show of the year is coming up this Saturday and Sunday at Crocker Park in Westlake, so for the first time I got to try to load all my art-show stuff into the Element, including the new panels and all the tent parts. And miraculously, it all fit!!!! Pretty tight squeeze, but there is a little bit of space between roof and stacks-o-stuff, so....

Of course, when I get to the show grounds I will probably discover I have forgotten something essential, but at least for now I am a happy camper.. :)

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