Monday, June 14, 2010

Rare dog breeds

One of the things I love about the Westlake art shows is the fact that Crocker Park is dog-friendly (though they are probably not allowed in the stores). There are always a ton of people walking their pups through the streets the whole weekend, so I can distract myself with dog-watching when the days get slow. Also there seem to be a lot of people that have uncommon breeds. The first Ibizan Hound owner I ever met outside a dog show (and probably the first person I had met outside a dog show that even knew what an Ibizan hound WAS!) was at CP a couple years ago. Same with Clumber spaniels... Since I am a dog-breed nut, it makes for fun conversations, and even more when I can surprise people by being familiar with their dog's breed, or even better, having a papercutting of one! Many of my rare breed cuttings will sit in my inventory for years, but it is worth it when you see someones eyes light up because they finally found somebody who has a representation of their dog!!

This weekend was no exception. I had a lady with Border Terriers end up picking up the first edition of my new Border Terrier pattern. I also had two sets of people asking me about Finnish Spitz- I have a pattern for that breed, but unfortunately do not have it cut yet. I had a pair of Briard owners come by- and that unfortunately I did not have at all yet. I promised them I would do my best for next year though- I think I have some Briard photos sitting around from a dog show a couple years back... Finally, there was a gentleman walking a Coton de Tulear, which I don't have either (maybe since I have only seen two ever anywhere, so getting pics is problematic). But he was just dog walking and wasn't looking at the art, so I supposed it is just as well.. ;)

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