Sunday, August 22, 2010

Levis Commons art show, Perrysburg, Ohio

This weekend was my first away-from-home show that actually required a hotel stay (though I supposed I COULD have actually driven back and forth. an hour and a half each way. for three days straight. *shudder*). It was a well-run show, as is usual for the Michigan Guild of Artists and Artisans- they always have great folks working the shows, great organization so everything runs smoothly, and they treat the artists very well.

We got a bit unlucky with the weather unfortunately- rained all day Saturday from drizzly mist in the morning and evening to heavy rains in the middle of the day. At least the rain was coming straight down, so most of my artwork was safe since my newish test doesn't leak! Crowds were a bit light because of the rain, and I and most of the other artists I talked to were suffering low sales as a natural side-effect of that. In general really nice folks coming by, though I did have a couple of shoppers who should have been educated on wet-umbrella etiquette when one is around paper artwork (IE. don't hold the dripping umbrella OVER the works in the print bin, and if you must shake and snap your wet umbrella open as you head back out into the deluge, please try to aim it outside instead of all over the tent) :\ No permanent damage as far as I could see fortunately.

Sunday was GORGEOUS however, perfect weather, high 70's with a bit of a breeze and intermittent little clouds. And the people were out in force! I had a number of times my booth was full with people waiting to squeeze in- very inflating for the ego.. :)

Unfortunately, sales weren't quite was I was hoping for the whole weekend. I came close to breaking even for all my expenses, but that was it. I hope to apply to this show again next year and keep fingers crossed for good weather all weekend (and good economic conditions of course) so I can give it a another real trial! Either that or I can always try living in my car over the weekend to cut down out the hotel costs- just need to find access to plumbing and I suppose it could work.. :)

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