Friday, July 8, 2011

Catching up!!

Got a bunch of my work up on Etsy today, so I need to catch up with the backlog here as well.
#1: Recut of one of my newer pieces- a Chinese Sharpei. I actually had a "be-back" customer (those of you out there who are art-fair artists will know exactly what I mean there! :) ) from one of my shows last year actually come back and purchase the first edition cut of the pattern- she said she had been kicking herself for not picking it up since last fall. Can't tell you how much I love hearing that! So here is edition 2/3:

#2: First cut of a new limited framed piece- Feather I. Stylized peacock feather, cut out of black paper and mounted on a watercolor painting:

and #3: First cut of my newish Humboldt penguin pattern. We don't have penguins at our local zoo, so I got the model for this piece from a roadtrip to the Columbus zoo. It was a fun trip!

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