Friday, May 16, 2014

The Circle of Life

A couple years back I had an incident that combined bad weather, a less than ideally fitted tent top and a careless art show neighbor that cost me two of my framed watercolor backed cuttings.  Just a couple dribbles of water down the inside of a panel, and the paintings ran and the cuttings and mats warped and had to be thrown out.  One of the pieces (my Fucshia flowers) I recut right away:

but the second one I decided to wait until the first piece in the series sold before I recut the second.
Now I like to think my technique has improved during the years, and I have played more with colored cardstock, layered cuttings, and black paper.  So while I was sick and stuck in bed this week my mind went wandering, and I decided to reimagine this piece and give it a whole different twist from the original plan.
Here is the original Mosaic Leaf II before its unfortunate bath:

And here is the reimagined Mosaic Leaf II in progress. 

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