Sunday, July 20, 2008

More new patterns

I have been trying to expand my offerings of other animals for those people out there who aren't really dog people.. :) So I just finished a bear and a tiger pattern. They are both really complex and will take forever to cut, but I am really happy with them and I think it will be worth it!

The models for these two came from my last trip to the zoo. It was a really hot and humid day, and there weren't a lot of people there. Usually when I visit the tigers they are all sleeping, but this time when I walked past the enclosure one of them picked his head up and started bathing. And he posed several times, just staring at me across the moat. Probably thinking that I looked like dinner, but it looked like a distant, regal expression from my end.. ;) There was nobody else in the vicinity for the 5 minutes or so that I watched him and took pictures-no screaming, running kids, no tourists.. It felt like this quiet moment that he and I got to share.

The grizzlies are usually sleeping too, but it was hot enough that both of them were immersed in their pool up to their shoulders, rolling around and looking as happy as a bear in a zoo can possibly look.. Those massive coats look even heavier when the water is molding them into spikes.

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