Sunday, July 20, 2008

Part one: dog show

I ended up going to a dog show and an art show in Medina today- all my favorite things together in one day!! :)

I spent about 2 hours at the dog show taking pictures. There weren't as many different dogs there as I have seen at some shows, but I think a lot of them were probably tucked away in crates and vans with ice and fans since the weather wasn't really comfortable. Not as bad as it has been this past week, but definitely not fun for really furry people...

I did get some shots of a couple breeds that I didn't have any photos of before though.. There was a large Bull Terrier there who I got some nice pictures of. I caught the beginning of the Bedlington Terrier class, so I got pictures of a bunch of them. And I also chatted for a while with a girl who was holding an Ibizan Hound, and got some great pictures of her (the dog, not the handler.. :) ).

I also had a great conversation with some folks holding on to an adorable 3-ish-month-old Newfie girl. I got to pet her and give her love for about 10 minutes too- she just snuggled up to me and laid her chin on my arm. I didn't get any pictures of her unfortunately... AND there was a 6-month Berner girl that I got to talk to as well. I was surprised how small she looked compared to Kodo!! And I was happy to see the breeder/owner of Kodo's grandpa won the working group with one of her boys...

As always, I was delighted by how welcoming and friendly most dog-show people tend to be. I always try to stay out of the way and snap candid shots whenever the dog I am looking at turns the right way, since I know people are busy and concentrating on getting their dogs ready for class and I don't want to be a distraction. But a lot of the handlers will pose the dogs for me once they see what I am doing, and are more than happy to answer questions and chat about their breeds if they aren't busy.

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