Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cesky Terrier pictures

One of the new breeds I met at the show last weekend was a Cesky terrier. I was standing by the Bernese ring watching Kodo's breeder show her girl, and as I was looking around in the area outside the ring I saw a terrier with his person watching the Bouvier ring next to us. I though it was a Sealyham, which I didn't have any pictures or cut patterns of, so I walked over to them to see if I could get pictures of him. I asked his person, and it turned out he was actually a Cesky terrier instead, which I had (barely) heard of, but had never seen. Turns out the Cesky is a cross between the Sealyham and the Scottish Terrier, so at least I wasn't TOO far off!

The gentleman with the dog seemed excited that somebody was interested in his breed, and gave me a lot of information and posed the dog for me over and over. I of course was THRILLED to see a completely new breed to me and went nuts with my camera and asking questions. Hopefully I didn't make too much of a nuisance of myself.. :)

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