Sunday, December 28, 2008

Irish Wolfhound and Schipperke patterns

The Schipperke I used for my model here was from the Crown Classic dog show a couple weeks ago. It is hard to get well-defined pics of Schipperkes since they are solid black- they tend to look two-dimensional in pictures. But I got some pictures of this one that turned out well enough to work with. His handler recognized me from the (many) other times I have haunted this show with my camera, and we chatted a bit about the breed. I recognized her too- she usually has Anatolian shepherds up in the 'Meet the Breeds' ring, so this was a little bit of a change.. :)

The Irish Wolfhound pictures I actually took several years ago at a humane society fundraiser. It was called Woofstock- I don't remember which city, just that it was a good long ways east of me..

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